The year 1857 was a turning point in Indian history. It was the year of India’s first war of independence and the birth of a new national pride. India had finally awakened and was ready to take on the world in its fight against tyranny and colonization.Under this back drop, a new entity was borne, M.B.Eduljee Cassinath and Sons, a stevedoring company. This was the beginning of the journey for the conglomerate today known as the Casby Group.

Established in 1857, the Casby Group was formerly known as M.B.Eduljee Cassinath and Sons. The company started of as a modest stevedoring firm servicing the Mumbai Port Trust. Despite its humble beginning, the firm slowly and steadily grew into one of the largest stevedoring companies in the Mumbai Port Trust .

However, after 1975 the company was faced with a need to adapt it self to the changing ways of global trade. Containerization had stepped in and the company now found itself having to modify its century old business into the intricacies of container handling. Soon after the advent of containerization, the company faced another major blow when its owner, Eduljee Cassinath passed away.

In the early 1980’s, Khushrooh P Byramjee took over the management of the firm which at that time was struggling to stay afloat. However, a man of great vision and with an irreplaceable knack to overcome challenges, Khushrooh Byramjee turned the firm around and laid the foundations on which the group stands today.

Up until his untimely demise in 2002 in a car accident, Khushrooh Byramjee had expanded M.B.Eduljee Cassinath and Sons into various businesses which eventually gave birth to a multi million empire and in 2000, changed its name to the Casby Group of Companies