Value Added Services

Casby Assembly and Packaging Services

  • Blending, kitting, and grinding
  • Metering
  • Sub-Assembly
  • Design, material sourcing and assembly
  • Floor-ready promotional displays
  • Module building
  • Product bundling and meal kitting
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Flexible vertical and horizontal cartoning
  • Sticker and RFID label application
  • Product coding and recall

Casby Supply Chain Help Desk Services

  • Supply chain consulting to define business needs and logistics opportunities
  • Distribution network analysis and design
  • Transportation network analysis and design
  • Facility modeling and layout, including mechanization option assessment
  • Technology needs assessment and integration planning
  • Labor management opportunity assessment
  • Real estate services
  • Implementation project management services
  • Supply chain maturity modeling
  • Logistics network strategy
  • Transport design
  • Warehouse and facility design and simulation
  • Project management
  • Operational analysis and improvement

Assembly & Packaging

You face the continuous challenge of meeting your customers’ product requirements. Changes in package variations make it difficult to deliver the right product to the right customer. That’s why you need a partner like Casby. Whether you need to assemble multiple components or create a value pack for a retailer, Casby has the solution that will add speed and efficiency to the process.

Co-locating the assembly and/or packaging with the storage of your products not only saves money but removes steps in the supply chain. The elimination of transportation time to a packaging facility means you can reduce your lead times and decrease your inventory. And by having Casby perform all these activities you get the same visibility and operational excellence that you’ve grown to expect from the market leader in contract logistics.